Welcome, To all and in the end farewell for a speedy return To sweep you back onto your feet. There are many spectacels in this world Some of which we ignore all together. So what’s life in this world without those of us who embelish, history, memories for all to rejoice in. Come together share your Ideas, Ask for opinion relate with one another, To a More Fantastic world. 

Let us tell the tales to come.

Panel 1


I will present you with a variant of Horror/Science Fiction and Graphic Exerts.With Graphic Depictions, mild Romance nonetheless several  First Drafts and flow of ideas. Hoping to get Art Work out there to show a sense of oppression not just of human self but the degradation of Mankind and its potentials. We as people have suffered such a blind regression in our evolution and have focused on the progression of technologies watching a fuze degrade to the core of its implosion pillaging a sure and within our time span, inevitable Destruction.

“If an endless Road goes with no memory Of its progression, Then there can be no quality to the Future hereafter.” – Gerardo A Vasquez J.R

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G.A Vasquez J.R


Subject Key: ut in aeternum\

To any Questions ask away!